The History of YNTY

The three individuals who founded YNTY about 20 years ago, are: Wilfried Bader, Guido Mennigen and Mathias Weber. Drummer Bernd Berger, who played in the 60s with the „Thunderbirds“ and in the 80s, 90s with „Blue Rhythm“, has joined YNTY in summer 2012.

Since YNTY is an open project, also other human and musical constellations can arise. So it happened in many sessions, that a friend joined in, to play his guitar. His roots are in the 70s rock music. So our tunes sometimes do have a touch of rock. Experimenting with sounds and rhythms is a key focus in our music. Our roots are in the so-called „Berlin School“, which is still best known from the early days of electronic music through bands like „Tangerine Dream“ and „Ashra Temple“ or other german bands. Influences of the so-called Krautrock (as „Guru Guru“, „Can“ and „Amon Düül“ a.o.) but also jazz and Stockhausen and world music, rock and blues have their place in the roots of our band. But YNTY can be put in any category or into none.

The music consists essentially of improvisation on synthesizers and partially self-made sound generators but even any other instruments. We do not reject the computer as a means for sound generation and in particular as a sequencer as well as we don´t deny to use any other instrument, (it could also again be a watering can or pot!) In fact we use the computer as a recording tool. Each of our sessions is unique and an event arising out of the actual situation. We often record our meetings and select the best recordings to produce our CDs. It may well be, that we edit existing material and add new sounds, if this is deemed useful. The synthesizer fits into the way we work , because it gives us the opportunity to realize complex sounds and sound patterns. We play each song only once and do not claim to want to repeat it. This guarantees the absolute uniqueness of our music and means every time an acoustic adventure.

In April 2014 Heri Müller (an old friend of Bernd Berger and also a member of the bands „Thunderbirds“ and „Blue Rhythm“) joined YNTY as a bass player. In March 2015 Guido Menningen, who was one of the founders of YNTY, but left the group in 2005 , joined again.

You might realize now, why YNTY is an open project.

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